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    Jeong, Hyunkyu, DVM, Ph.D
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Invitation Message

This is the 9th APVS 2019, Committee chairman.


Dear All APVS members

I am very pleased to announce that the 9th Asian Pig Veterinary Society(APVS) Congress which will be held in Busan, Korea in August 25-28, 2019.

In 2003 the first APVS Congress kicked off in Seoul, Korea and in 2019, the event will come back to the country where APVS began. In this regard, the next APVS Congress in Korea will be our opportunity for a new beginning.

Asia stand as the center for the pig industry with more than 50% of the world pig population. And in the Asian pig industry, the role of pig veterinarians is not only growing but also getting very important to support the industry's sustainable improvement.

The APVS Congress 2019 in Korea will provide us with a new opportunity and solution to the need from the very dynamic pig industry. Korean pig veterinarians kindly invite you and promise the warmest welcome to everyone who will participate this wonderful event.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the 9th APVS in Busan in August 2019.

Jeong, Hyunkyu, DVM, Ph.D
Chair, 9th APVS Organizing Committee

Korean Association of Swine Veterinarians (KASV)

The KASV has around 500 members involved in practice, farm, industry and academia in Korea. We've been working for better pig health and welfare, production since 1981. We held the first APVS in 2003 and the 23th IPVS in 2012.


1th APVS in Korea in 2003

23th IPVS in Korea in 2012